The Internet challenge

The Internet challenge

At this time of pandemic, every day is a challenge. Even tasks that were once simple and “not obvious”, such as buying vegetables at the supermarket, are now a big problem. Now, in order to buy groceries at a local store, I had to reasonably distance myself from buyers, put vegetables in special wrappers, thoroughly clean them in a chlorine solution and dry them in the sun; and surely this plague has undermined our daily routines. 

Seeking medical attention, using a maid service, attending a family reception, going to a nearby temple, dining out, or even a morning walk where I must have interacted with other fitness fans are all things that we have taken for granted until now. have now turned into growing problems. However, I am more concerned about the more serious “challenge”.

As I stood with my head bowed against the wall in a pear tree pose, my wife looked alarmed, apparently worried that I had ruined the newly painted wall with my bare feet. My breath caught in my throat, then I shifted the weight to my right hand to lift the shirt off the floor. Everything was cool until I slipped my left hand through the hole on the sleeve of the shirt. My right arm gave way and I fell like a heap of stones. 

My attempt to challenge the shirt ended in failure. When I saw my Facebook friends doing well with elan, I too felt peer pressure to take up the challenge, but to no avail. These issues have become common on social media in these days of isolation.

With more and more homes growing, we rely more and more on the Internet and social media. To break the monotony, such tasks are “invented” and posted on social media to keep people interested. Then these problems spread like wildfire and everyone wants to try. Defeating such trials also gives us a much needed positive in these difficult times. Recently, the t-shirt problem that I flopped and the bottle cap issue where you have to open the bottle cap went viral.

Recently, a friend of mine suggested that I publish seven films that have influenced me greatly, which was not difficult. But the key feature was that I had to celebrate a new person every day when I posted a completed task every day. Thus, the number of people taking up the challenge is slowly growing exponentially. Likewise, it is difficult to publish a list of favorite books, travel photos, black-and-white images, and influencers.

There are several more challenging physical challenges, such as a 30-day 30-day push-up (30 continuous push-ups every day for a month), a 25-day fitness challenge (one physical activity per day for 25 days), and a sofa. task (to raise your own sofa), all of which require significant physical effort. Some of the problems can be dangerous and, unfortunately, in some cases have resulted in physical injury and death. 

These include the Kiki Challenge (you have to dance in a moving car), the Ice Bucket Challenge (the participant pours a bucket of water full of ice over themselves) and the Choke-Faint Challenge (participants choke other children until they pass out). Not so long ago, we saw a wave of suicides after the Blue Whale Challenge, when an anonymous administrator posed a series of tasks, causing the child to commit suicide.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the use of electronic gadgets on the Internet has skyrocketed for almost everything from grocery shopping, banking and office work to medical consultations and procedures. justice and education. These devices have taken on the role of arm’s length. Every family member, from kindergarten to the seventies, uses a smart device. While these devices provide us with an interface to communicate with the outside world, they have their own set of disadvantages.

Internet calls are one of the potential dangers of a social media presence if left unchecked. It’s hard to ignore them, especially if someone has proposed to you. While many of these tasks are simple and fun, some of them are physically demanding and potentially dangerous. Since many children are attached to these smart devices due to the large number of online courses available to them, one should be aware of these Internet issues.

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