Effect of Basalt Rock Fiber in Concrete


Industry is always trying to find new, better and economical material to manufacture new product, which is very beneficial to the industry. 

Basalt fiber is a high performance non-metallic fiber made from basalt rock melted at high temperature. Basalt rock can also make chopped basalt fiber, basalt fabrics and continuous filament wire.

Basalt fiber originates from volcanic magama and volcanoes, a very hot fluid or semi fluid material under the earth’s crust, solidified in the open air. Basalt is a common term used for a variety of volcanic rock, which are gray dark in colour. 

Basalt fiber has good hardness and thermal properties. Basalt fibers have been successfully used for foundation such as slabs on ground concrete.


Basalt rock fiber is yet not recognized and not used for the construction ,we aim to carry out different test on basalt rock fiber and want to show the ability of the rock which can replace the place of the ordinary aggregates.

The usage of basalt fiber in future for civil infrastructure will give good mechanical.

properties like strength and also in low cost predicted for basalt fiber.


Study the design aspects of the Basalt rock fiber.

 Understand the various applications involving Basal rock fiber.

 Perform laboratory test that are related to compressive, tensile and flexure by use of basalt fiber in the concrete.

 Basalt fiber also reduce the permeability of concrete and thus minimize the bleeding of water.

Basalt also have bearing capacity of greater impact, abrasion, and shatter – resistance in Concrete .

 Satisfactory work ability can be maintained with addition of basalt fibers up to 0.5% by volume.

 The test done after adding different proportion of basalt fiber in the mix designed concrete mixture.

 Large quantities of basalt fibers could be added without causing any balling or segregation.

 There would be little or no variation in compressive strength for basalt fiber reinforced concrete.

 So to measure the strength of the concrete when the Basalt fibers are added is to be studied in this project.

 There are many project and research papers related to the most of them have done same test but there are very few peoples who have performed such tests.


Low cost,high performance fiber offer the potential to solve the largest problem in the cement and concrete industry,cracking and structural failure of concrete.

Because of the the higher performance (strength,temperature range and durability) and lower potential cost predicted for basalt fibers.

Have potential to cost effectively replace fiber glass,steel,fiber, polyester, aramid and carbon fiber products in many applications.

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